The Second Edition of the Super Yacht ONLINE Lash Competition welcomes FIVE new Categories and TWO new Experience levels! 

Welcome to the Second Edition of SUPER YACHT ONLINE LASH COMPETITION

The 2019 edition of the competition see's new categories and experience levels.


  • Male Lashes 

  • Classic Lashes

  • 2D - 3D Brown Lashes

  • 2D - 6D Mixed Volume Lashes

  • Hybrid Lashes 

  • Mega Volume 6D+

  • Lash Art Fantasy

  • Colour Lashes

  • Lash Lift




  • Junior - up to 1 year of experience

  • Master - between 1- 3 years of experience

  • Grand Master - over 3 years of experience or an educator

  • Previous First Place Competition Winner (Live or Online)

Deadline to enter the Super Yacht ONLINE competition is 20th April 2019 at Midnight.

A link for submission will be sent out to you via email after you have purchased your entry, please check your spam & junk folder too. 

All winners will be announced LIVE during the Super Yacht Lash Conference, onboard during the Awards Ceremony on Sunday 26th May 2019. The Award Ceremony will be streamed LIVE for all competitors who do not purchase a ticket for the conference. All winners who are not at the Super Yacht Lash Conference, will be sent out to the address they register with, this can take up to two weeks after the Lash Conference. 

Rules & Information

  • Participant can enter in one or multiple categories.

  • Judges decision is final.

  • No refunds are provided once registered

  • All photos must be your own original work

  • Only High quality HD (High Definition) pictures 

  • Photos must be clear and sharp images

  • No retouching of eyelashes, watermarks, company logo,  backgrounds, excessive filtering or similar altering will be disqualified. 

  • Previous entries to other contests are permitted.

  • Please send maximum of 8 photos, minimum of 4 photos. One of these photos should be a before photo of your clients lashes.  (Please upload a word document or notepad document describing your work.  Thickness, curl, length of lashes used)

    • x1 before with eyes closed from behind of the model head and eye patches applied to see a condition of natural lashes 

    • x1 before with eyes open from the front while model seat to see the shape and the whole face 

    • X1 after with eyes closed from behind of the model head without eye patches 

    • X1 after with eyes open looking straight photo of the whole face to see the symmetry of eyelashes and shape choose to the model face

    • X1 after of each eye with model looking up 

    • X1 after from the side to see the curl of eyelash extensions and the lift for lash lift

    • X2 (Optional) Additional photos to show your work at it’s best.

  • Registration fee for each category is £45

  • Once a competitor has registered they cannot change divisions.

  • Competitors must enter the highest division they qualify for.

  • If it’s found a competitor has registered in the wrong division, they will receive a 10-point deduction in their final score for each competition.

  • All photos sent to us for the competition are the sole property of the organiser, to be used in whatever fashion deemed appropriate by the organiser without compensation to the competitors. All photos sent will automatically allow us to use for any advertising, publication or social media without  prior permission from entrant.

  • After registration, you will be sent a confirmation email. If you do not receive this please contact the organiser urgently as it means your registration has NOT been processed.

  • Awards including certificate and trophy will be presented to the winner at the awards ceremony on 26th May 2019. If the winner is not present to the award ceremony, certificates, trophies and gifts will be sent out within two weeks after the awards. 

  • All winning photos will be used across social media, and will be published after the award ceremony.